Must Read : Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) is not a Joke!

raksha bandhan jokes

Nowadays cracking jokes on Hinduism and Hindu festivals is a trendy thing, even people from Hinduism are cracking jokes on their own festivals. Whenever a new festival arrives, jokes on that particular festival are flooded over social networks & WhatsApp. However, everyone is OK with some jokes but, this time, on Rakhi, making jokes is a real hurting thing.

On the time of Raksha Bandhan, people forward jokes like "Kisi Bhi Anjaan box ko na uthaaye, usme rakhi ho sakti hai" translation : "Don't pickup any strange box, it might contain Rakhi". So, what actually you guys are trying to say? Is a Rakhi burden to you? Saving your own sister is like a burden for you?

In history, we've seen many brothers gave up their lives to save their sisters, the one bond of Rakhi made them do anything just anything for their sister. And nowadays we're making jokes of it! If you search Raksha Bandhan Jokes on internet, you'll find so many of jokes on this! Is it really our culture? Think twice & Share this with everyone. We've to stop it!

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