Promises to make to your Sister this Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan is the festival of love between brother & sister. We Indians celebrate it with open hearts, we can do anything for our sister. We bring her special gifts, dresses & chocolates for this special day. Every Raksha Bandhan, when your sister ties the knot on your hand, a promise you make is "I will protect you forever my sister". But, this is not enough! Indian society our culture are changing but still we're lacking somewhere and we've to fix it! Well to fix this all you should make these 2 promises to your sister this Rakhi:

1) Think about her choices : Getting her married in small age, not allowing her to wear cloths of her choice, not allowing her to study are common problems in Indian society. Some of our narrow minded relatives, family friends, friends force us to think negatively. But, we've to think by our own! We've to think about what our sister actually wants? If she's not ready to get married, think about it! Why is she denying? Think over it! We've to take care of every small thing. If she loves to wear some cool dresses, think about it, it's modern time. Also, if she wants to study more, if she has aims, allow her! Support her! If she wants to make a choice, think about it once? Think twice? Think again and again than only take a decision.

2) Give her same value after marriage : Nowadays, when a boy gets married he just thinks about his own wife, he do not care about parents and sister! This is totally wrong! You've to think about your sister too, she has same blood you're living on! Give her same value even after your marriage.

We wish you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan, stay blessed.

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So, these are the promises, you've to make and not just make this promises, you've to fulfill them! Think about it! If you like the post, please share it with your friends. Wish you a Very Happy Rakhi 2016.


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