{*Special} Janmashtami :: Why Janmashtami is celebrated?


Janmashtami is a Hindu festival which falls in Bhadva month according to Hindu calendar, if we talk about English calendar, than mostly this festival is celebrated in month of August or September.

Janmashtami is celebrated because, on this day lord Krishna was born. Krishna is complete/absolute incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Krishna has so many names like Govinda, Mukunda, Madhusudhana, Vasudeva and the best one Makhan Chor.

radha krishna

Krishna is said to be a prankster and a model lover. All the Gopis (girls from village) used to love Kanhaiyaa and all his acts. Butter is his favorite and loves to play flute.

Krishna was born to Devaki and her husband, Vasudeva. Mother Bhudevi (goddess Earth) became upset by the sin being committed on Earth, she sought help from Lord Vishnu. She went to visit Lord Vishnu and ask for help.

child krishna

Lord Vishnu agreed to help her and promised her that he would be born on Earth. On Earth in the Yadava clan, he was yadav according to his birth, a prince named Kansas(who is actually an Asura by birth see the link) conquered the whole earth and indralok(heaven) .

The other deities like Indra, Bhudevi, Bramha (the god of creation), prayed to the supreme deity Lord Vishnu in Vaikunta (Abode of the lord). Lord Vishnu agreed to help them. "Whenever there is crisis on the earth and human beings are tortured, the lord himself has to incarnate each epoch on earth"-(Bhagavat Gita). During the wedding ceremony of Kansa's sister Devaki to his childhood friend Vasudev, a divine prophecy (loud voice from the sky- Akasha Vani in Samskrutam) prophesied that the 8th son of Kansa's sister Devaki would kill Kansa.

dahi handi

Janmashtmi is celebrated by worshiping of lord Krishna and also some contests of breaking Dahi Handi are organised in multiple towns and villages.

Apart from Krishna's birth, Janmashtmi is also the last day of Raksha Bandhan festival. As, many of festivals are celebrated for 2-3 days. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated for a week. From Rakhi to Janmashtami, it is considered as Rakhi week.

Sisters do tie Rakhi on brother's wrist from Rakhi to Krishna Janmashtami. Send Janmashtami Wishes to your friends  & downlaod Janmashtami special songs


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